What do we want to achieve with the kids?

Our goal as Coaches at Alpha Gymnastics Academy, is to teach your children to respect the sport of gymnastics as well as their fellow gymnasts.  With more and more children spending a great part of their day in passive activities, gymnastics provides an active exercise program.  In addition to ensuring that your child engages in an exercise program, studies have shown that Gymnastics for children will provide your child with a myriad of benefits, listed below.  Our goal is to ensure that the children in our program, realize these benefits as detailed in Livestrong.com December 18, 2013 Article What Are the Health Benefits of Gymnastics?.

a)     Confidence – Students will master skills they may have thought they could never do.  It lets them know that with hard work, they can achieve success.  This feeling of confidence is transferable to all other parts of their lives.

b)     Coordination – Mastering the skills will take time and effort.  The movements require balance and agility and once learned allow them to master other even more complicated routines and skills.

c)     Strength – Gymnastics requires the development of strength in both the lower and upper body.  Strength will develop over time and in becoming stronger, strengthens the bones.  Along with that, it improves their self-confidence.

d)     Flexibility – Flexibility is one of the key components of a healthy life, and no other sport develops flexibility to the extent that gymnastics does. 

e)     Discipline – While our junior programs stress having fun, our more competitive programs do require the development of routines and mastery of various gymnastics moves.  Both the casual and competitive program are conducted in an atmosphere were safety is paramount.  To ensure a safe learning environment, we work with the Gymnasts so that they listen to their coaches, follow instructions and work towards improvement and a mastery of skills.

f)      Social skills – we will encourage your child to work with the other gymnasts in their class, and to encourage and respect their efforts.  Gymnastics has got to be fun and when it is camaraderie, friendships and teams are created.